Jorge Luna Podcast #7 – Homeostasis – Show Notes

Jorge Luna Podcast #7 – Homeostasis

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Broad topic

Property of a system to regulate itself environment

stability and permanent





we break down

physical and mental and spritual – trouble

Creating stability


Maintaining 98.6 body temperature


A feedback system

temperature is important

cooling and heating mechcanism

sweating if we get too hot.  bring us back to 98.6

weight  – positive association.


Thyroid and ParaThyroid – Energy levels

Endocrine System

Fight and Flight – Shutdown digestion . Fight

Positive feedback cycle


Homeostatis – Instability  – Glout – Can’t maintain

Digestion system

Liver system

Kidney system


External world a

80{43863adf827a03d4f1e5d69dc00969fa304fd977cb48f43b4a1f7a8f6cace59b} immune system in stomach.

Filter  through Kidneys and Liver

Lungs  – Exhale

No longer in Homeostasis anymore


Proper digestion

Refined sugar – only been around 150 years

Throws body off tremendously

#1 sugar consuming location  – Southern India  . Highest Diabetes

 Toxins. –  Stored in as FAT

When you cross a threshold – Gain Weight

Further the outside of Homeostatis you are –  The higher the craving for sugar

Pulling my out of balance. More pulls in balance.

Easier it is to stay in balance.


Coming out of Homeostasis –

We age / Over time /Homeostasis . 

Little kids – need naps.

Best shape – Living – Activities are appropriate

Self awareness  = Body Wisdom.


Tools to achieve Homeostasis.

Sleeping – 6 – 8 hours (daylight) . Should be restful .  Get up before alarm.  Try not to hit snooze.

Eating at regular intervals.

Smooth and steady bowel

Constipation = Problems.

Skin should be clear

Nails growing

Hair growing

Bruises healing.

Look at tongue – NO White substances.

Problems could be dietary .

Journal –  Track how your organism is functioning.

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