What is D-Ribose ? Fuel for muscles. A new sweetener


Looking for a great sweetener that doesn’t add that many calories to your ice tea or coffee ? Worried about your energy levels.

Muscles love it especially the heart. Guess what ?

D-ribose can actually lower blood glucose levels ! Take D-ribose with meals, or at least mixed into juice, milk, or fruit to offset the blood glucose-lowering effect.

Some have used it to treat chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and it’s benefits are well documented. (19)

I used mix a little in my morning shake before a workout or exercise. I love the powdered form because it dissolves easily in liquids. Only one scoop is needed.


Now, some natural food based sources for D-Ribose ?


Only ONE of those are on my CLEAN list. Chicken being difficult to source a natural, free-range variety and Dairy being only beneficial if GRASS-FED and “A2” cows.

Raw Almonds are usually safe but carefully of the handling of them as their have been reports of bacteria on raw almonds.

Ribose as a sweetener


19. Teitelbaum JE, JA St.Cyr, C Johnson. The use of D-ribose in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia: a pilot study. J Alternative and Complementary Medicine 2006;12(9):857-862

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