Hacking the Brain – Smart Drugs



Another INSIGHT.

The next frontier has arrived.    The research and hacking the brain is everywhere.

I wanted to post some items that I have learned about in regards to brain hacking

There are out there Smart drugs that are detailed very well in the great book by GURUs in the mood/hormone/brain area

John Morgenthaler

Ward Dean

Steven Fowkes


Basically, we know a good amount of chemistry about the  brain with Dopamine and Serotonin and ADHD and Depression research but the area continues to develop insights. The way that NeuroTransmitters work is starting to be unlocked.
Here’s a good list of some basic brain “enhancements”

Piracetam, — Piracetam is a cyclic derivative of GABA


Lupotic acid,

Acetyl – L Carantine – meat,

Choline – Eggs.

B-5 process -to improve Choline tone motor functions. Memory.

Without you are unfocused, Modafinhil.

Check out Alpha Brain from Onnit


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