Longevity. Living with Purpose. There is no pill to living longer


Right Outlook
—Downshift (pray, stop hurry)
–Purpose Now
The BlueZone study
Sardinia – Highlands  MEN live the longest.  102 year old ride to work .
LIVE in Vertical houses
Planet based
Grass Fed Cheese –  High in Omega 3 instead of Omega 6
How the treat old people.
Okinawa – Japan – Northern part of island
Oldest Female
5 times as many centrians
Planet-based diet
Strategies to avoid overeating.
What do say before you eat – Confucious
Moai – Groups
Isolation kills
3 good friends.
Not we are down to 1

Hara hachi bu -eating until you 80{43863adf827a03d4f1e5d69dc00969fa304fd977cb48f43b4a1f7a8f6cace59b}

There is NO word for retirement.
Ikigai   — —  Sense of Purpose
“The reason you wake up in the morning”
Loma Linda – Adventists
Women = 89  vs. 80 average
Men = 87 vs. 76 average
70,000 people in study
God – Social Network and Nature Walks
Inflluence each other
Ed Rollins – 103 Swimming

Food from Bible

90{43863adf827a03d4f1e5d69dc00969fa304fd977cb48f43b4a1f7a8f6cace59b} = lifestyle
10{43863adf827a03d4f1e5d69dc00969fa304fd977cb48f43b4a1f7a8f6cace59b} = Genes
What helps us live longer ?  Spirtually  – Socailize –
4 Demographically defined areas.
1/5000 live to be 100  – Places where they are living 10 times longer.
Thrive. Finding happiness the Blue Zones way.
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