Jorge Luna Podcast #6 – Living your life with purpose

Living With purpose:


We must define first what purpose really is:

Purpose’s basic concept is an individual’s voluntary behavior and active awareness, it has a significant history in religion, philosophy and science. Purpose can also be operational – defined as entity, class, or property which may, but need not have consciousness. Intentionality, target-directedness, future orientation and a hypothetical result state are the central conceptual ingredients.

A purpose is an abstract description or characterization of any of a large number of situations. A goal is a concrete description or characterization of single situation at a point in time. For example, “helping people find happiness” is a purpose. While ‘Helping John find his glasses” is a goal. Confusion can arise when the terms are used together, for example, one can have as a goal achieving a purpose. Every situation can be characterized as achieviung a large number of different goals, and a even larger number of different purposes.

Purpose may refer to:

This is a classical definition and brings in simple concepts: But in positive psychology and in yoga, we strive to make regular life more meaningful rather than focusing on illness (mental).


If this is the case then our purpose must have meaning:

Inquiry into the Meaningful Life, or “life of affiliation”, questions how individuals derive a positive sense of well-being, belonging, meaning, and purpose from being part of and contributing back to something larger and more permanent than themselves (e.g., nature, social groups, organizations, movements, traditions, belief systems).


This is really the 8Mil question: what is the meaning of life. In its broadest sense, this question is far too complicated to answer for the individual. For an individual this question may take a lifetime to answer:


It is more helpful to first have short term purpose rather than a long term view> Long term goals are often vague, unrealizable and lack concreteness. Short term goals or purpose should be real, specific and concrete. The more that a goal has these three qualities the deeper the meaning and the more profound the purpose will be.


Aside from meaning, in order to find purpose we must be engaged or challenged. We must therefore become a component of a solution to an issue that we find meaning.

When we help others or are productive in a solution, individuals feel better by improving their self esteem and creating a feeling of belonging to a group.


Helping to feed the homeless: the act does in fact help people in need but it also has a beneficial effect on the participator!

This is living with meaning⇒ purpose!


The trick is not to get overly attached to the outcome of your purpose! This is where things tend to go wrong for so many of us!

A fund raiser that doesn’t work: a charity that is barred access b/c of red tape etc.


Do you give up on your purpose or do you learn from the failures as much as the successes.


MORE Show Notes

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You have to be practicing for at least year.

500 hours to start teaching Yoga 

Informational at YogaWorks @ 730pm  August 29, 2013

 Classes  – Class schedule

Retreat in Palm Springs .

Trend – In Los Angeles –  A really cool summer –  Lots of cleanse .  Not really hot.

Happiness —and living longer  ?

 voluntary behavior – conscious behavior – “living your life for god”

intentions —targeted directness


“ Well balanced life”


Reglion  – Lifestyle , Traditions, Answering the questions for you.


Yoga – You to decern choices.

Science – Devotation aspect out .   Concrete.

Distinct ion of Purpose


Goals – Has to have meaning , Need to be concrete

Purpose – Meaning greater than its parts.  Using means to achieve the end.  “World a better place”

Goal – Working a soup kitchen  .  Goal “can” serve a purpose

Accountability – Self .  Is with Self .  Choosing a goal you can be self accountable.


Higher power – Connecting with God.  Accountable .

Success rate –  Connecting higher power allows me to be dedicated.  Connection to God. Connection.

Connection – Accountability – Higher Success rate in Goals. –

Connection (greater than yourself)  + Accountability (self, conscious, ? )  = Goal

Goals – Real specific and Concrete

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