Best Samsung S7 Edge case

Clear cases are the best for new Samsung S7 Edge devices. While early in the case story for the Samsung S7 edge. This clear case offers good protection and shows off the device.

Not bulky “construction worker” look or “customized” case with artwork. Just the phone. Minimal.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 5.46.18 PM

“I thought it was quite a nice looking case but I was afraid the rubber ribbing on the case was a gimmick. It seems that the majority of products these days are full of gimmicks. Upon receiving the case I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It’s really everything that I want from a case. I like it even more than my last case that was made by Tech21 Impactology.

The case has a hard plastic outer shell. Because it’s a very glossy plastic material it is very prone to receiving scratches. My case already came pre-scratched at the very top and very bottom. I suspect this was from rubbing against the product packaging. I’m curious to see how long it will take until the case is scratched up enough to start bothering me. Time will tell. However the glossy black with the gray ribbing looks beautiful. It is truly a great looking case and would not look out of place anywhere. Inside the plastic there is an extremely thin coating of silicone on everything. This probably makes it grip your phone to prevent it from falling out. There are also silicone lips on the front top and bottom allowing you to place the phone face down without risking scratches to the screen

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