Infinity Stones and Your Business

First, let’s quickly understand the MCU (Marvel Comic Universe) infinity stones and their powers.

Mind, Power, Reality, Space, Soul, and Time.

While today much of the world is explained through our harnessing the power of science and physics, the world of business is much more about the perception of reality than reality itself. This is why these stones are so relevant to businesses. The stones categorize domains of focus that business manage to return value to investors and also provide meaningful work to their employees.

The Mind stone is like the branding stone for businesses. Using marketing, advertising and packaging to present the ideas of product and service value to audiences. Apple does a tremendous job in harnessing the Mind Stone.

The Power stone is multiplier and partnership stone. As a market leader in a category, you can use your resources to act as a multiplier across new and existing businesses. – Market Leader and Multiplier to Existing Business – Partnership

The Reality stone is the imagination stone. The brainstorming stone that Elon Musk and SpaceX epitomizes. With this stone, you can disrupt and innovate anything in your business. Your ideas are in direct alignment to the limitless potential of your customer’s interests and ideas. Employees are free to create and share with the world.

The Space stone is the be anywhere and everywhere. With the disruption of hospitality by AirBnb and workspaces by WeWork. Having a global workforce that can be onsite and collaborative along with integrating remote talent helps your business rapidly develop with virtual teams dynamically created.

The Soul stone is your business culture stone and a critical stone for motivating your workforce to be engaged with their work and create products and services that share their passion with your customers. Getting your culture right makes work fun and Daniel Coyle has written a great book called The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups that dives into building and sustaining success in teams.

The Time stone is the clock stone that allows for manipulation of time forward and backward. As your business has a history of product releases and solving problems for customers, using a Time stone allows you to “not reinvent the wheel.” Nike is great at going back into history and pulling out legends and making them fresh. This ability allows your business to speak to a broad age demographic.

Are you pulling together your gems to build your business gauntlet?

twitter: @benmorris