The Power and Value of Team Services

What are team services? With Agile evolution, the notion of Squads, Guilds, and Tribes has sparked the development of operational models that support the cross-functional aspects of work today.

Inside of enterprises, global technology teams are asked to significantly add efforts to innovate, grow and operate all consumer and customer touchpoints technologies in Web, Mobile, Retail, Franchising, Partner Commerce, Wholesale and ultimately every customer. It takes a Team and hence Team Services is born. As Agile evangelists, they provide the DevOps expertise to accelerate the models and processes along with providing necessarily engineering.

By having a Team Services approach to the technology piece along you to support the structure of the business and utilize DevOps principles like continuous improvement (CI/CD) to bring a software/iterative approach to the delivery of various touchpoints.

Goal: “Get ideas and innovation from your teams into the hands of your customers”

This requires speed to develop complex, cross-functionality and converging efforts to deliver a product or service at scale. Microservices and API allow for the ability to scale internally but also have the flexibility to grow on-demand. Often Team Service has the technical background of the library of APIs/Keys/Tokens along with the necessary integration efforts.

By engaging stakeholders to assist their goals with Team Services, the value of rapidly integrating and converging global efforts builds a strategic marketplace advantage. High-Energy performance is a signature quality of Team Services. There are often many roles involved with the operation of a race car but Team Services provides the coordination and collaboration to deliver replacement wheels, gas and monitor in real-time to proactively address problems. No one loves Pager Duty SRE efforts and reactive mindset but stress testing and chaos engineering go a long way.

Lastly, high-quality teams succeed through tight communication. Team Services are built with layers of communication that foster the ability to quickly locate SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to rapidly engage with their efforts. They develop flow.

Do you have Team Services in your organization?