Vitamin D for Kids

See larger image Yummi Bears Vitamin D3 Gummy Vitamin Supplement for Kids, 60 Gummy Bears New From: $8.81 USD In Stock Over 90{43863adf827a03d4f1e5d69dc00969fa304fd977cb48f43b4a1f7a8f6cace59b} of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. Don’t let you kids be deficient. A great to supplement Vitamin D for kids is the Yummi Bears product. The most absorbable form of Vitamin D3 to help support bone, oral …

Supplementing a child with vitamins – Vitamin D – Yummi Bears

Sometimes kids don’t eat well or during winter and spring months don’t get the proper amounts of sunlight. Enter Yummi Bears. See larger image Yummi Bears | Hero Nutritionals | Complete Multivitamin & Mineral | Gummy Vitamin for Kids | Dietary Supplement | 16 Essential Vitamins, Nutrients & Minerals | 200 Yummi Gummies New From: $19.20 USD In Stock