Rich Roll Podcast – Only Fruits ? Plant-based nutrition – An Apple or 10 a day ?

So today’s listening pleasure was the Rich Roll podcast with Michael Arnstein who is an Elite runner and Fruitarian.



Basically, the take aways from the podcast were :

1. Sustainability in the food network and how the plant-based diet is more sustainable than meat-based.  Although Rich touched on the Grass-Feed beef discussion they both agree that there are serious issues with meat economics.

2.  High water content foods .  Michael points out that the main component of the diet is the idea around food having a large water content but that fruits have the necessary calories to sustain the energy needed to live.

3. Organic vs. non-organic  ?   This area seemed to be the Achilles heel for Michael.  He indicated that he doesn’t avoid non-Organic and this is a major concern of his.

Michael’s Site:

“Fruit is Fast-Food” –  Michael’s Upcoming book.

Quite interesting and definitely a great perspective  now how does the Liver process all this Fructose ?

UPDATE: (Which fruit fights cancer better?)


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