Omega-3s – Never Enough !

Omega-3s - Never Enough !

Now this is one of those classic battles.

How to maintain your Omega-3 levels with the onslaught of Omega-6s not to mention the need for DHA. #DHA #Omega3
DHA is critical in brain development and health.

Just today, Life Extension posted a 16 year study that shows “some” correlation with less instance of cardiovascular disease.

They have SUPER Omega-3 product that I highly recommend that includes a great balance of EPA/DHA (1 to 1 the best) . 700MG of DHA . In addition, they include a Olive extract along with Sesame seed.

Why Olive extract ?

“”Adding a supplement to background consumption of approximately 150 mg of EPA plus DHA per day (the approximate mean consumption in the United States and many European countries) would be calculated, on the basis of nonlinear effects in observational studies, to produce a reduction in CHD mortality of approximately 15{43863adf827a03d4f1e5d69dc00969fa304fd977cb48f43b4a1f7a8f6cace59b}. In comparison, increasing from a baseline of low intake to at least moderate consumption (greater than 250 milligrams per day)—or similarly, as in our present investigation, comparing low and high circulating levels—would be predicted to have larger benefits, consistent with our observations.””

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