Jorge Luna Podcast #8 – Emotional Homeostasis – Part 2 of Homeostasis


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Last week we talked about the physical.


Gaining Weight


Elevate mood swings

Elimination is unbalanced


Disease pulls you out of homeostasis


Example: eating sugar .  pulling you out homestasis


psychological and emotional



stress- pulls us out homestasis.  More awake. More focused the more you put on their plate.


prolonged imbalance

new level of homeostasis

New Normal – if sick

busy all the time – diiring consequences.  short bursts of stress and andreline.

Every human body is different.

West = working stressed and working harder . Not very good. Becoming intuitive . Being focused.

Long lasting impact. Systems. Exhausted. Chronic Fatigue


Grounded Center for a person

—Outward substances.

Naturally occura

Different levels of alignment

Without the substance can you survive ?

Distraction – Instead of Introspection –

Ayurveda – Out of balance – That’s what you are going to crave…

The more out of balance you are the more you crave what pulls you out of balance.  More and more needed.


When balanced, centered you don’t want to deviation from the center.


Spritual center of homeostatis

–believe that you are part of greater whole

–No spirtual growth. —huge level of distractions (media, food, etc) – Melancholy.


Are you happy with who you are ?


Emotional issues kick in THEN physical



1.  Check in with your breath — Breathing

–Conscious breath and the mental state are connected.

–Breath is longer and smoother =Health

2.  What’s your connection to a greater whole?   Your “Service” to universe component.  Fastest way to get us centered.


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