Jorge Luna – Podcast #3 —-Picking the Right Type of Exercise

Show  Notes Podcast #3

Jorge got sick  last 2 weeks ):

Surgery — End of July – Out

Krishnamacharya Teacher Training

  – Teaching Training Certification,  Customized to individual, Like Acupucture —– Personal Transformation

2 + years of training to be certified.

Future Studies – Yoga Therapy – Schools of Integrative Medicine.  Vanderbilt University

Asanas, Chating, etc

Training in Brazil. – Late July 2013

Fall Yoga Retreat – Oct. 17 – 20th .  Beautiful house in Palm Springs – Mavee McCalfive


Workout – Picking a system that inspires you.

  • Determine your goals:

  1. Weightloss

  2. Maintenance

  3. Improved health/

  4. Competition

  5. Athletic sports improvement

  6. Other specific goal

Difference between a WORKOUT and EXERCISE

—-System for Each Workout —  Increased productivity, stable period , cooldown (tracking within session)

—-Periodization – Macro — System  – 6 to 8 weeks

Conditioning base – 3 to 4 weeks

Increasing 10{43863adf827a03d4f1e5d69dc00969fa304fd977cb48f43b4a1f7a8f6cace59b} per week.

Taper down  and give the rest/recovery


  • Types of Workouts

  1. Weight training

  2. Functional training   – Making you more unstable –  Harder –  Example: Bosu Ball for balance –  The idea is making you stronger for outside your workout.  Getting your bodies moving efficiently .

Yoga – teaches body awareness.  Learning how your body moves in space.  Calm smooth breath.  Relaxation through a “stress” test.

  1. Cardio group classes (spinning)

Periodization – Different workouts during different times a year.

Our bodies are extremely intelligent –  Path of less resistance

Same routine – Lose interest –

Most injuries occur during TRANSITIONS.

  1. Fitness group classes (weight based group classes)

  2. HIT: high intensity interval classes

WARM-UP , Short burst of exertion 70 – 90{43863adf827a03d4f1e5d69dc00969fa304fd977cb48f43b4a1f7a8f6cace59b}, Breathless.  Base rate 30{43863adf827a03d4f1e5d69dc00969fa304fd977cb48f43b4a1f7a8f6cace59b}

benefits – Speeds up metabolism , Fat burning machine.

Workouts go by fast.

  1. Endurance training

Not intervals, time and length.  Once you have the base, then move to the speed.

  1. Cross training (cross fit, circuit works)

Great functional training.  Highest index of injuries. Lots of transitions.

CrossFit not Functional Training.

Substance Abuse and CrossFit .  CrossFit

  1. Flexibility & Proprioception training (barre, yoga, dance)

  2. Therapeutic training (physical therapy, yoga therapy)

Injury management – Alignment therapies.


  • Combine your goals with types of workouts in order to maximize results:

  1. Man in 30s moderately good health: interested in weightloss, improved muscle quality and tone.

  • You can begin with standard weight training (new rules of lifting): 15-20 repetitions with whole body lifting sessions 3-5 days/week and 3-5 sessions of cardio 30-45minutes/session. Place cardio machines on random for best results:

  • After two weeks of conditioning training: weight program would become more specific and the cardio more intense. Body part conditioning biceps, back, hamstrings &calfts,abs/ triceps  chest, quads, abs: Cardio moving to more intense ranges where heart rate is elevated to higher rates for longer periods of time.

  • after 4 weeks: new routines with set rep changes and increased cardio to high intensity intervals

  • after 4 weeks move to super sets with no rest between exercise and increased weight.

  • two weeks off! and begin new set

  • Conditioning -> Base train-> strength train-> Power train->Performance train (power and velocity)

2. Woman in her 40s, injured lower back, wants to improve flexibility and stamina/endurance to tone body)

  • Determine sports or activities she prefers.

  • stabilize lower back through mild weight training and PT/yoga therapy to stabilize before progression

  • Yoga, dance, barre classes at appropriate level: 3x/week

  • Endurance sport training: Lower heart rate but sustained level of work that is slowly elevated: example of swimming or cycling:

  • Familiarize with sport fundamentals: set goal of endurance: increase goal by 10{43863adf827a03d4f1e5d69dc00969fa304fd977cb48f43b4a1f7a8f6cace59b} every week or 10 days. After goal is reached, then begin to increase speed or heart rate at same interal rate weekly.

  • Continue to cross train with proprioceptive classes like yoga/dance to maintain flexiblity.

More case studies broken down in conversation with Ben Morris.



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