Jorge Luna Podcast #2 – How to choose your workout

Jorge Podcast #2

” How do you choose your workout ”

Plan for the Summer: End of Summer South America –
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How do I pick an appropriate workout.
Los Angeles – Mecca of workout
Evaluate body types
Diving into classes.
Yoga – Best approach to “workout”
90min work –
Ashtanga Yoga –  8 limb yoga .
“Life practice.”
We are Moving less –  We need  10, 000 steps a day
Are you doing the activity .
Age appropriateness.
Social queues – Personal values. Discipline .
Adult – — TEAM activities are vital . Motivating.  40s and 50s.
Very strenuous workout  — Crash .  Responsibilities.
Yoga – Personal journey vs. Group Exercise.
Group —-Focus would turn inward.
Beauty of yoga practice –  FLOW –  challenge .
Age appropriateness. – Exertion.
It’s about CRASH –
Moderate activity vs. Intensity .
HIT is amazing
MANY people  — Just attend a class .   This is Problem.
Consider age , goals, performance improvement,
Goal of Overall Health –
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