So today I was listening to the BulletProof Exec’s Podcast ( and today’s episode was about a bio-hacking tool called

POV Sport machine.

“The ARP POV Sport is a revolutionary, electrical stimulation device. It possesses specifications and characteristics that are not found in any conventional, neuromuscular electrical stimulator (interferential, microcurrent, galvanic, Russian stim, iontophoresis). It is the training machine of the future!”

What’s interesting about this system is the training towards neuromuscular fitness.  So it made me think that with Running and Cycling that basically as you work harder you may build endurance and power but those workouts don’t necessarily address:


Cadence can be seen in repetitive sports like running and cycling as the neuromuscular efficiency .  In addition, my current experience does confirm that 

the magic number is between 90 – 95 steps or rotations/min. 

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